Super Stone Clean Z II (Diaper and municipal solid waste processor)

Super Stone Clean Z II

Super Stone Clean Z II

This second generation of the Super Stone Clean Z series is Iwamoto Inc’s breakthrough patented system for low to high volume processing of low to high moisture content solid waste and diapers and energy and secondary product creation.

What to do with used child and adult diapers has been a long term global waste management problem. Diapers account for a significant portion of landfills worldwide. Super Stone Clean Z II not only solves the disposal problem with minimal fuel use and negligible emissions, but also converts the waste into profits via providing waste heat for various applications.

Diapers and municipal solid waste are incinerated quietly and safely at 800~1200oC and reduced to ashes that can be used to create cinder blocks. Waste heat from the system can be used for applications such as water heating and electricity generation. Proprietary Iwamoto Inc. technology ensures thorough destruction of polymers. Iwamoto Inc’s unique magnetic field technology combined with a cutting edge, patented emissions abatement system ensures clean processing, no toxic emissions and compliance with worldwide environmental regulations.

While an outside fuel source is required for start up, eventually the fuel for this unique machine is the waste itself, enabling very low cost performance.


  • Processes all types of organic waste (Diapers, MSW, plastics, wood, styrofoam, vinyl, cardboard, paper, rubber, tires, food waste, PVC, etc
  • Thorough polymer destruction
  • Dioxin chlorine decomposition
  • Highly effective waste reduction (1/10~1/3000th of the original input)
  • On site processing
  • Continuous operation 24 hours per day
  • Non toxic, non pollutant
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Non labour intensive
  • Easy to operate – no special operating skills required.
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Automated switchboard
  • Mobile