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Iwamoto Inc.

Iwamoto Inc.

Iwamoto Inc was established in the 33rd year of the Meiji Era (1900) as a stone masonry business, which it has continued to do ever since. The present president of the company, Tetsuomi Iwamoto, through his vision and various inventions has greatly expanded the company to include the establishment of the following enterprises besides those outlined on this web site:

Iwamoto Inc, has a long and proud history of providing high quality, reliable products. We value traditional Japanese traits of honesty, integrity, hard work and commitment to excellence.

Profile of: Tetsuomi Iwamoto, president of Iwamoto Inc.

Tetsuomi Iwamoto profile



Name:            Tetsuomi Iwamoto


Company:            Iwamoto Inc.


CV:            1949 Born May 19 in Hirukawa, Gifu Prefecture, Japan


1972 University graduation, employed by Iwamoto Masonry Company


1982 President of Iwamoto Inc


1986 Committee member Japan Broadcasting Corporation Viewer


1989 Inaugural Board Chairman Ena City Young Person’s Association (Winner Best of the Best Award)


1991 Committee member New Factory Implementation Committee (Ministry of International Trade and Industry, now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)


1992 Committee member Factory Site Research Division (Ministry of International Trade and Industry, now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)


1993 Gifu Prefectural Sight Seeing Area Improvement Excellence Award


1994 Chairman Hirukawa Arts Committee


1994 Committee member Roadside Station Cultural Experts Committee


1995 Committee member Gifu Prefectural Tourist Association


1997 Chairman Gifu Prefectural Tourist Association, winner Economic Spirit Award


2001 Recipient Gifu Prefectural Oribe Award


2003 Board of Directors Gifu Prefectural Tourist Association


Hobbies:      Art, inventing (holder of over 100 patents)



Other:              1986 Opening Iwamoto Stone Museum


1988 Completion of Stone Museum Pyramid


1989 Completion of Outdoor Stone Music Dome


1990 Completion of Stone Museum Firewood and Candle Room


1992 Completion of Stone Museum Oval Lavatory


1993 Completion of Stone Museum Lunar Memorial Art Museum


2002 Completion of clinical trials of Iwamoto Stone Powder Blanket (sleep inducing blanket) in conjunction with Shiga Medical University, Shiga Sato Hospital


2004 Completion monocoque construction method Slow House (world first)


2006 Development stone powder utilizing diet method


2008 Development food waste processing utilizing stone powder


2010 Development Super Stone Clean 530 series, biomass to useful carbon products, Iwamoto Mineral Biochar, Creating a Closed Loop Eco Society through minerals


2012 Development radiation adsorption agent. Salinated soil remediation and disaster waste processing for Kessenuma Revitalization Project (Tohoku earthquake and tsunami affected area) Documentary Making Fields Flourish broadcast worldwide by NHK