Super Stone Clean to be introduced to Europe

Announcement from Super Stone Clean

We are very pleased to announce the signing of an agreement between the Hungarian company Green Living Matrix and our company for the introduction of our Super Stone Clean 530 pyrolysis technology and mineral biochar products know how to the EU.

Iwamoto Inc. has been chosen by Green Living Matrix as a strategic partner to provide Super Stone Clean 530, minerals and biochar additives and a micro nano bubble generator for it’s upcoming biochar centred research and development project. For further information please see the attached file ‘Green Living Matrix and Iwamoto Inc’.

We look forward to with expectation to the success of this project and the further introduction of our products to the EU and the world.

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Japan Economic Times article 23 April 2014

The newly developed Iwamoto Heat and Cold Storage System was highlighted in the highly influential Japan Economic Times (Nihon Keizai Shinbun) on April 23 2014. The article notes the company’s tests which showed that 85oC hot water was kept to 65oC after 72 hours and that ice remained frozen after 15 days.

Japan Economic Times article 23-4-2014

Iwamoto Mineral Biochar New Client

Iwamoto Mineral Biochar

Iwamoto Mineral Biochar

Iwamoto Inc is very pleased to announce the commencement of sales of it’s signature Iwamoto Mineral Biochar blend to agricultural product manufacturer and supplier Morosada Agri Inc. for inclusion in its range of agricultural composts. The composts are being retalied through Valor Inc, a Japanese nationwide chain of 400 agricultural and home supply stores.

Iwamoto inc is highly encouraged by the growing market for biochar products in Japan and abroad and looks forward to future progress and expansion.

Iwamoto Mineral Biochar:

Morosada Inc. home page:

Valor Inc. home page:

Super Stone Clean 530 latest installation

Super Stone Clean 530

Client: Tenryu Village Municipal Government, Nagano Prefecture, Japan

Location: Akiyome Hot Spring Resort

Equipment: One unit Super Stone Clean 530-300


Small community revitalization through….

1. Rice husks and wood chips processing
2. Water heating for hot spring resort hot water supply
3. Iwamoto Mineral Biochar/biochar production (On site vegetable production, fish raising, vegetable and fish sales, Iwamoto Mineral Biochar/biochar sales

Super Stone Clean 530 in Tenryu Village Nagano Prefecture Japan

Documentary: Super Stone Clean/Iwamoto Mineral Biochar Brings Renewal To Japan Disaster Affected Area

Scroll below to see a documentary about Super Stone Clean/Iwamoto Mineral Biochar broadcast worldwide by JIBTV ten times over October 2012. (Japan Broadcasting Corporation: a subsidiary of NHK which is the Japanese equivalent of the British BBC)

Under the headline ‘Making Fields Flourish Again’ the documentary highlights how young volunteers in a farming district rendered unusable by salt damage from the 2011 tsunami are using Iwamoto Mineral Biochar produced by Super Stone Clean 530 to grow tomatoes and rice. Super Stone Clean 530’s hot water capabilities are also mentioned.

A small segment of the documentary also highlighted how Super Stone Clean Z is being effectively used to process previously left alone disaster waste.

The documentary is in English with English subtitles for Japanese spoken content.

Super Stone Clean/Iwamoto Mineral Biochar in Japan Disaster Affected Areas

1.Disaster affected area Iwamoto Mineral Biochar rice growing project.

A co-operative project between Iwamoto Corp (the developers of the Super Stone Clean series and Iwamoto Mineral Biochar) and local volunteers in Kessennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan has successfully grown a bumper harvest of rice in fields previously rendered unusable due to salt damage by the 2011 tsunami. Further proof of the effectiveness of Iwamoto Mineral Biochar for agricultural applications.

Project members inspect the previously barren rice paddy now bursting with harvest.

Looking at the rice fieldRice growing

2. Kessennuma City tomato project continues.

Meanwhile our tomato growing project produced a delicious crop that exceeded expectations.


3. Dojo loach growing.


The dojo loach, or weather loach, is a common food fish in Asia usually growing to 12~15 cm in our region of Japan. However, grown with Iwamoto Mineral Biochar supplemented feed we’ve managed to grow them up to 20 cm.

4. Fish processing company tsunami waste processing project

The project where our client is utilizing Super Stone Clean Z to process tsunami waste continues solidly. Disaster debris that had been left untouched since the March 2011 disaster is now being reduced to 1/100~1/3000 of it’s original volume and the remaining ashes easily disposed of.

Super Stone Clean Z processes tsunami debris.

Super Stone Clear

Wedding Hall Installs Super Stone Clean 530

A wedding hall in Kumamoto Prefecture on the southern island of Kyushu has installed a unit of Super Stone Clean 530 to deal with the huge piles of accumulated waste from all their wedding revelry. Here are the details:

Model installed: Super Stone Clean 530-300

Waste content: Food waste, styrofoam, vinyl, cardboard, plastic bottles and wrappers, paper, etc.

Monthly waste volume: Approx 9,000 kg

Previous waste disposal method: Hired a contractor

Previous waste disposal method monthly cost: US$2,611 (EU1,810)

Present monthly running costs: US$62 (EU43)

With these kinds of savings on their waste disposal bill the happy couples and their guests won’t be the only ones smiling at this wedding hall!

Super Stone Clean 530-300 installed at a wedding hall