Wedding Hall Installs Super Stone Clean 530

A wedding hall in Kumamoto Prefecture on the southern island of Kyushu has installed a unit of Super Stone Clean 530 to deal with the huge piles of accumulated waste from all their wedding revelry. Here are the details:

Model installed: Super Stone Clean 530-300

Waste content: Food waste, styrofoam, vinyl, cardboard, plastic bottles and wrappers, paper, etc.

Monthly waste volume: Approx 9,000 kg

Previous waste disposal method: Hired a contractor

Previous waste disposal method monthly cost: US$2,611 (EU1,810)

Present monthly running costs: US$62 (EU43)

With these kinds of savings on their waste disposal bill the happy couples and their guests won’t be the only ones smiling at this wedding hall!

Super Stone Clean 530-300 installed at a wedding hall

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