Soybean Food Product Supplier Installs Super Stone Clean Z

A soybean food product supplier in Kumamoto Prefecture on the southern island of Kyushu has installed a unit of Super Stone Clean Z-900 in late March. Attracted by the benefits of minimal running cost, non fossil fuel consumption waste treatment, our client has purchased Super Stone Clean to treat its daily accumulation of approximately 200 kg of styrofoam containers, plastic, cardboard, vinyl, and other materials. Here are some further details:

Previous method of waste disposal: Hired contractor

Previous method monthly cost: US$1,972 (EU,370)

Present monthly running costs US$43 (EU30)

That’s a massive savings on their waste disposal bill!

Super Stone Clean Z-900 is so easy to operate

No more piles of waste and smell


Soybean Food Product Supplier Installs Super Stone Clean Z — 1 Comment

  1. Dear mom’/sir,
    my name is Mr. Nachshon Lahav I live in Israel and my company is dealing in developing, building and maintenance of machinary for diferent industries.
    I’m very much interested in your products as a represntative/dealer/importer.
    since the wastes handling in my country, start to cost a big sum of money to the business oners, your solutions looks good in timing to enter this market.
    please send me more information regarding your products.
    best regards,
    Nachshon lahav