Food catering service cuts its waste disposal expenses by 94%.

Before installing Super Stone Clean: US$ 4,000 per month

After installing Super Stone Clean: US$ 250 per month

At Toyota Food Services we viewed Super Stone Clean in action. Yoshitomi Hisao, the operations manager, showed us the waste generated by their company and how they processed it with our product. The waste consists of largely food scraps, leftover plastic lunch box containers, disposable wooden chop sticks, rubber bands and plastic and paper wrappings and bags totaling about 1.5 tonnes per day. In the presence of our foreign client we asked Mr. Hisao a few questions.

Q. How long has it been since you installed Super Stone Clean?

Yoshitomi: Six years. In fact we installed the very first one manufactured, which is a Super Stone Clean Z.

Q. How were you disposing of your waste before installing our product?

Yoshitomi: We hired a contractor to take it away.

Q. How much did this cost?

Yoshitomi: 330,000 yen per month. (approx US$ 4,000)

Q. How much does it cost for you to process the waste with Super Stone Clean?

Yoshitomi: For the first five years we paid 160,000 per month (approx US$ 2,000) for the payments on the machine and for the last three years an additional about 20,000 yen per month (Approx US$ 250) for the electricity bill. (for the optional smoke cutter). After having paid off the cost of the machine we are now only paying the electric bill. So it’s a great savings for us.

Q. Have you had any problems with breakdowns or malfunctioning?

Yoshitomi: One time there was a minor problem with the smoke cutting device but this only cost about 10,000 yen (Approx US$ 120) to repair. Besides that, no problems.

Q. How else has Super Stone Clean solved your waste treatment problems?

Yoshitomi: The contractor used to come once a day and so garbage piled up throughout the day. We had seven large bins at the time and real problems with the smell, birds, rats and bugs. Now we only have two bins and process the accumulated garbage four times a day.

That’s an amazing cost cutting story!

Toyota Food Service’s yearly waste disposal expenses:

  • Before installing Super Stone Clean: US$ 48,000 per year.
  • First five years post installing Super Stone Clean (including payment for the device): US$ 24,000 per year.
  • Post payment of the device: US$ 3000 per year.

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