Iwamoto Super Mineral Biochar

Solutions for waste treatment, renewable energy and agricultural and aqua-cultural growth enhancement.

Iwamoto Inc. designs, manufactures, installs, maintains and services the Super Stone Clean series of unique and proprietary mobile, on-site waste processing systems. Our patented systems are designed with the concept ‘Waste is a Resource’.

Super Stone Clean systems combine thermal pyrolysis with magnetic field technology for clean, site-of-generation waste processing, saving considerable amounts of money wasted on waste management and disposal. Waste is converted into useful and marketable char or ash products and heat energy which can be utilized for applications such as water heating, electricity generation, food drying and more.

Super Stone Clean systems consume minimal or no fossil fuels during treatment cycles. Also, a proprietary emissions reduction system ensures clean processing and thorough minimization of toxic waste to below standard levels.

The fuel for the process is the waste itself so no external fuel source is required for lower moisture content waste except during start up. Super Stone Clean systems can be operated uninterrupted for 24 hours per day so it’s possible to continually process waste without consuming fossil fuel.

All our systems are mobile and can be mounted on a single truck for easy transportation to other sites.

Cutting edge Japanese technology and reliability make the Super Stone Clean series of on site waste processors the ideal waste management solution.

Super Stone Clean waste processing systems and by-products operating and working in tandem help to create a truly sustainable society.

The Super Stone Clean series of waste processing systems offer the following:

  • Municipal solid waste and biomass disposal solutions (Super Stone Clean 530, Super Stone Clean Z and Super Stone Clean Z II)
  • Biomass to energy (Super Stone Clean 530: Hot water and electricity)
  • Municipal solid waste to energy (Super Stone Clean Z II: Hot water and electricity)
  • E-waste disposal solutions (Super Stone Clean Z)
  • E-waste precious metal recovery (Super Stone Clean Z)
  • Biochar/Iwamoto Mineral Biochar by-product production (Super Stone Clean 530, from biomass feed stock)
  • Food waste processing (Super Stone Clean Food Waste Processor)
  • On site waste volume reduction
  • 24hr/day continuous operation
  • Robust performance history
  • Heat energy for water heating, electricity generation, food drying and other applications
  • Non fossil fuel use (after system start up)
  • Non toxic, non pollutant
  • Minimal operating costs
  • Non labour intensive
  • Easy to operate – no special operating skills required. Minimal sorting of waste needed
  • Automated switchboard
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Options for semi and full automation
  • Various sizes
  • Mobility